Jim Adams Announces Re-Election Campaign

Crystal Mayor Jim Adams announced today that he will be seeking re-election as Mayor of Crystal, Minnesota.  Adams was initially elected in 2012.

“I ran for mayor on a platform of fiscal responsibility, building a strong community, and bringing back respect for the citizens, and in all three areas, Crystal has improved,” Adams said.

One of Adams’ major accomplishments as mayor was negotiating a fiscally responsible solution for the purchase of the new Public Works facility, which saved Crystal residents over one million dollars in unnecessary finance charges over the life of the project.

Under Adams’ leadership, the City of Crystal has made great strides in achieving more openness and transparency in government, including making audio recording of work sessions and campaign finance reports available online, and holding additional open forums and public hearings on major initiatives, going beyond the minimum that is required by law.

“As long as I am Mayor, Crystal will be a place where all citizens are represented, all voices are welcome, and dissent is not only tolerated, but encouraged,” Adams said. “A city only works well if citizens are well represented, and they believe they have a voice in their government.  That’s the kind of Crystal I want to live in, and that’s the kind of Crystal you will continue to get from me.”

Adams’ goals for his second term would be to continue the progress that has been made toward making the city budget as transparent and fiscally responsible as possible, to continue developing a long term plan for funding infrastructure needs, and to continue to engage citizens in a respectful manner, giving them a voice in their city government.

“I have been honored to serve as Mayor, and I am humbly asking citizens for another term,” Adams concluded.