Crystal African Immigrants Endorse Jim Adams for Re-election

We live in and adjacent the City of Crystal Minnesota and know the candidates who are running for mayor of the city in 2020 elections. They are both fine gentlemen and have the growth of the city at heart.

However, when it comes to who is best qualified and well suited for the job, we must vote in the interest of the masses.

We must support the candidate who has a vision for the future of the city and who we believe will do the best job.

We are writing to endorse the re-election of Jim Adams for mayor of the City of Crystal Minnesota. While both candidates have experience in leadership, Adams has a record of success working with the growing diverse population of the city of Crystal. This is reflective in many developmental projects that has given the city a facelift in the west Metro suburbs of Minneapolis.

Additionally, Adam has proven to be inclusive in city building and has always been a man of his word and is well respected by people across the city. In spite of attacks on Adam for his faith in the living God he has exhibited high level maturity in dealing with his opponents which has proven him to be the kind of Mayor that the city of Crystal needs at this time.

We are therefore asking all citizens of the United States living in the City of Crystal Minnesota to vote Jim Adams as the next City Mayor of the city of Crystal Minnesota on November 3, 2020.

Signed by: Date: October 20, 2020

Joyce Cooper, Member CAICC

Florence Nyakundi, Member CAICC

Rev. George Wonlon, Member CAICC

Apostle Esau Jasper, Member CAICC

Rev Zephaniah Kaffey Sr