LETTER: Adams is honest, straightforward and respectful

Originally published in the Sun Post

To the Editor:

As a longtime resident and volunteer in Crystal I have had the opportunity to work with both candidates for mayor in a variety of capacities, and this year I am supporting Jim Adams for Mayor of Crystal.

In past elections, I have supported the other candidate, even circulating a letter to my Brownwood neighbors on her behalf. I believed that there would be a fair and equal treatment of all residents. I thought she would listen to concerns and use that information to help make decisions. I honestly thought that things would be different at city hall. But she let me down.

I think Crystal has seen a lot of positive changes over the past four years and I would like to see that continue. In working with Jim, I have found him to be honest, straightforward and respectful to everyone.

Please join me in voting for Jim Adams for a second term as Crystal mayor.

Bonnie Bolash,

Bolash is a current volunteer and vice-chair of the Crystal Code Review Task Force.