LETTER: Character Matters

We are living through an election cycle that has two presidential candidates that seem to have, at best, checkered pasts. Values such as integrity and consistency appear to be in short supply. Americans are looking for someone to support where character matters.

Mayor Adams, in my experience, is such a person. Under ReNae Bowman, John Budziszewski, and company, I was publicly called names and lied about, because I didn’t like what was happening to my neighborhood and took a stand. Since taking office, Mayor Adams has listened to me, considered my feedback, and made me feel valued, whether we agree or not.

He is trying to expose all of the hidden taxes we pay by putting them on the levy, so that we don’t receive surprise assessments. While this looks like an increase, it’s only making visible what has been secret all along. He has put work session recordings online, so we all can know what happens if we can’t attend. He has gotten rid of point of sale inspections, because it created a duplicative fee. He helped establish the City Code task force that gave residents the chance to review and give feedback on the laws we live under. He also saved us $6 million in interest payments by paying for the City Works building from cash on hand. I see him involved out in the community.

We’re only two years into making some long term changes, that I believe we’ve got to see the process through, to undo some of the previous Council’s errors. Jim, along with Casey Peak, Julie Deschler, and team have worked hard to begin to turn the ship.

So in a time when the only thing that seems to matter to other politicians is to win at any cost, Mayor Adams has shown over and over that honesty, integrity, and kindness still matter. Please consider giving him your vote on November 8th.

Jason Bradley
Community Solutions MN