Crystal African Immigrants Endorse Jim Adams for Re-election

We live in and adjacent the City of Crystal Minnesota and know the candidates who are running for mayor of the city in 2020 elections. They are both fine gentlemen and have the growth of the city at heart.

However, when it comes to who is best qualified and well suited for the job, we must vote in the interest of the masses.

We must support the candidate who has a vision for the future of the city and who we believe will do the best job.

We are writing to endorse the re-election of Jim Adams for mayor of the City of Crystal Minnesota. While both candidates have experience in leadership, Adams has a record of success working with the growing diverse population of the city of Crystal. This is reflective in many developmental projects that has given the city a facelift in the west Metro suburbs of Minneapolis.

Additionally, Adam has proven to be inclusive in city building and has always been a man of his word and is well respected by people across the city. In spite of attacks on Adam for his faith in the living God he has exhibited high level maturity in dealing with his opponents which has proven him to be the kind of Mayor that the city of Crystal needs at this time.

We are therefore asking all citizens of the United States living in the City of Crystal Minnesota to vote Jim Adams as the next City Mayor of the city of Crystal Minnesota on November 3, 2020.

Signed by: Date: October 20, 2020

Joyce Cooper, Member CAICC

Florence Nyakundi, Member CAICC

Rev. George Wonlon, Member CAICC

Apostle Esau Jasper, Member CAICC

Rev Zephaniah Kaffey Sr


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LETTER: Character Matters

We are living through an election cycle that has two presidential candidates that seem to have, at best, checkered pasts. Values such as integrity and consistency appear to be in short supply. Americans are looking for someone to support where character matters.

Mayor Adams, in my experience, is such a person. Under ReNae Bowman, John Budziszewski, and company, I was publicly called names and lied about, because I didn’t like what was happening to my neighborhood and took a stand. Since taking office, Mayor Adams has listened to me, considered my feedback, and made me feel valued, whether we agree or not.

He is trying to expose all of the hidden taxes we pay by putting them on the levy, so that we don’t receive surprise assessments. While this looks like an increase, it’s only making visible what has been secret all along. He has put work session recordings online, so we all can know what happens if we can’t attend. He has gotten rid of point of sale inspections, because it created a duplicative fee. He helped establish the City Code task force that gave residents the chance to review and give feedback on the laws we live under. He also saved us $6 million in interest payments by paying for the City Works building from cash on hand. I see him involved out in the community.

We’re only two years into making some long term changes, that I believe we’ve got to see the process through, to undo some of the previous Council’s errors. Jim, along with Casey Peak, Julie Deschler, and team have worked hard to begin to turn the ship.

So in a time when the only thing that seems to matter to other politicians is to win at any cost, Mayor Adams has shown over and over that honesty, integrity, and kindness still matter. Please consider giving him your vote on November 8th.

Jason Bradley
Community Solutions MN

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LETTER: Best candidate for Crystal Mayor is Jim Adams

Originally published in the SunPost

To the Editor:

As a longtime resident, I was looking to get involved in my community. In April, I joined my local DFL caucus. I volunteered to be on their candidate endorsement committee. We had a long list of candidates running for various offices to interview for possible support. This is where I had my first encounter with Crystal mayoral candidate ReNae Bowman.

Bowman walked in and was extremely bold. I was taken aback by her behavior. It was clear that she harbored a great deal of resentment toward the current council and Mayor Adams. She bad mouthed them and called them names all the while claiming on her website that she’s running a “no labels” campaign focused on “issues and a brighter future.” The truth is the exact opposite. She felt it was a personal attack that the Human Rights Commission was no longer active, despite the lack of activity and any real authority. I begrudgingly accepted that the DFL would endorse her and I stood with my chosen party.

I am privileged to serve on the city of Crystal’s Community Outreach Task Force, where I was elected the chair. It was here that I encountered Bowman again. This time she bombarded me with emails and Facebook messages about what our new task force was doing. I had personally invited her to attend our meetings on numerous occasions. After a series of emails where I tried to explain that this task force was new and finding our footing, she called me “judgmental,” called our task force “secretive,” and accused me of being a “Republican plant.” Her behavior was childish. Any questions I posed to her were met with disparaging remarks about Mayor Adams and she refused to address any concerns I had with her time as mayor. I do not believe that Bowman will work with anyone who might disagree with her.

I’ve decided I’m not supporting her for Crystal mayor. In this election I don’t care about party endorsement, I’m voting for the best candidate. I call on all of my friends regardless of political party, to support Mayor Jim Adams in his re-election bid.

Shelley Appel,


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LETTER: Adams is honest, straightforward and respectful

Originally published in the Sun Post

To the Editor:

As a longtime resident and volunteer in Crystal I have had the opportunity to work with both candidates for mayor in a variety of capacities, and this year I am supporting Jim Adams for Mayor of Crystal.

In past elections, I have supported the other candidate, even circulating a letter to my Brownwood neighbors on her behalf. I believed that there would be a fair and equal treatment of all residents. I thought she would listen to concerns and use that information to help make decisions. I honestly thought that things would be different at city hall. But she let me down.

I think Crystal has seen a lot of positive changes over the past four years and I would like to see that continue. In working with Jim, I have found him to be honest, straightforward and respectful to everyone.

Please join me in voting for Jim Adams for a second term as Crystal mayor.

Bonnie Bolash,

Bolash is a current volunteer and vice-chair of the Crystal Code Review Task Force.

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SunPost: Adams Declares Re-election Bid

Crystal Mayor Jim Adams announced March 13 that he will be seeking re-election as Mayor of Crystal.

“I ran for mayor on a platform of fiscal responsibility, building a strong community, and bringing back respect for the citizens, and in all three areas, Crystal has improved,” Adams said.

Adams negotiated a solution for the purchase of the city’s new Public Works facility, which he says saved Crystal residents over one million dollars in “unnecessary” finance charges over the life of the project.

Read the whole story here

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Jim Adams Announces Re-Election Campaign

Crystal Mayor Jim Adams announced today that he will be seeking re-election as Mayor of Crystal, Minnesota.  Adams was initially elected in 2012.

“I ran for mayor on a platform of fiscal responsibility, building a strong community, and bringing back respect for the citizens, and in all three areas, Crystal has improved,” Adams said.

One of Adams’ major accomplishments as mayor was negotiating a fiscally responsible solution for the purchase of the new Public Works facility, which saved Crystal residents over one million dollars in unnecessary finance charges over the life of the project.

Under Adams’ leadership, the City of Crystal has made great strides in achieving more openness and transparency in government, including making audio recording of work sessions and campaign finance reports available online, and holding additional open forums and public hearings on major initiatives, going beyond the minimum that is required by law.

“As long as I am Mayor, Crystal will be a place where all citizens are represented, all voices are welcome, and dissent is not only tolerated, but encouraged,” Adams said. “A city only works well if citizens are well represented, and they believe they have a voice in their government.  That’s the kind of Crystal I want to live in, and that’s the kind of Crystal you will continue to get from me.”

Adams’ goals for his second term would be to continue the progress that has been made toward making the city budget as transparent and fiscally responsible as possible, to continue developing a long term plan for funding infrastructure needs, and to continue to engage citizens in a respectful manner, giving them a voice in their city government.

“I have been honored to serve as Mayor, and I am humbly asking citizens for another term,” Adams concluded.

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