• Fiscal Responsibility:Jim advocates a return time tested principles of fiscal responsibility. This will be achieved by getting rid of the credit card, and other tools in the tool box that are indirect ways for increasing taxes. Part of this principle is long term planning for larger projects, so that they can be properly budgeted and saved for. By embracing this approach, the city will assure that all taxpayer money goes to improvements, materials, bricks, mortar, design, and engineering, rather than to the banks in the form of interest, origination fees, and administration charges. Time tested money principles are what our citizens use to make their households run properly, the city should be no different. Crystal has made great progress in this area in Mayor Adams’ first term, but there is more work to do to ensure we are planning for a responsible future for the next generation.

  • Government From a Citizen’s Perspective: Under Mayor Adams, all citizens have a seat at the table, and all residents are treated with respect. Jim continues to promote the voices of all citizens by being approachable and engaging. In his first term, Mayor Adams pushed to make audio recordings of work sessions available online so all citizens could understand the issues of the day. In his next term, Jim would continue this focus on transparency, responsible and open government.
  • Customer Service: Mayor Adams has promoted an attitude of customer service throughout the city. Another time-tested method of leadership is through service and servant leadership. Jim will continue to promote a servant leader attitude within the City Council and the City Staff, to promote a synergistic approach that will create a clear direction for staff to create an organic atmosphere for decision making and service to our community. In short Jim will promote a “can do” attitude for citizens, while promoting citizen driven, liberty orientated local government.