• Fiscal Leadership: Our state is facing a $4.7 BILLION dollar budget deficit. Every time the state budget gets tough, they make cities, counties and school districts pick up the slack.  For the past eight years, I’ve been focused on improving the financial health of Crystal to help us weather a storm just like this. We’ve slashed unnecessary spending, eliminated the use of our “credit card” (aka bonding) to keep our debt burden low, sparing our residents from over $4 million in unnecessary interest payments, and beefed up our financial reserves. Because of these steps, we are in a much better position than neighboring cities to weather this downturn without massive tax increases.  I understand city finances, and we need a trusted and tested financial leader like me at the helm during these crazy times.

  • Inclusive Community: While other candidates may have just recently discovered issues surrounding community inclusiveness, and racial equity, I’ve been working on these issues in Crystal for a long time.  I’ve built partners in our faith and minority communities and brought many new voices to the table.  I have recruited and supported candidates of color for the city council and city commissions because I want our city government to reflect our community.  I’ve lead the charge for changes to our city communications strategies to ensure that we are reaching everyone.  And I’ve worked closely with our police to ensure we have a department that reflects the values of our community, and to recruit and retain the best police force in any city in Minnesota.
  • Responsible Decisions: I won’t lie. The next few years will be tough for every city in Minnesota, not just Crystal. We need a trusted and tested mayor to lead our city through these tough times.  I’ve demonstrated my commitment to making responsible decisions since I was first elected, and there will be no surprises.  Now is the time for an experienced leader for Crystal.