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Re-Elect Jim Adams – Crystal Mayor

About Jim Adams

Jim Adams was elected Mayor of Crystal in 2012, and is seeking re-election for another term in 2020. When he's not being Mayor, Jim is married, has three adult children, runs a remodeling construction business, and operates sober housing for 87 men. In 2015 Jim retired from the West Metro Fire-Rescue district after 16 years as a firefighter. He recently retired from Rescue Resources after 10 years of service providing training for industrial rescue teams for companies throughout the Midwest.

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Jim's common sense approach to finances has already saved Crystal taxpayers over $6,000,000 in unnecessary interest expense. Over $40,000,000 worth of assessments have been cut - and he's not done yet.
  • Inclusive Community: Under Mayor Adams, all citizens have a seat at the table, and all residents are treated with respect.
  • Responsible Decisions: The next four years will be difficult for Crystal. We need a trusted and tested leader guiding us. That's Jim Adams.
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